About Me

        My name is Mark Hinkle and I was born and raised in Kenai on the Kenai Peninsula. My parents have lived here since 1966 and my brother all of his life and lives now in an original homestead log cabin that has been here since before Alaska was even a state.

        Living here for so long and having my dad be an Alaskan bush pilot has given me a unique opportunity to have experienced most of what the Kenai Peninsula has to offer and now with the help of this web site; I can pass all that on to you! Find out more about creating websites and maybe an income here.

         I have been involved in the commercial fishing industry from repairing the nets and putting them in the water to catch the fish all the way to sorting and putting them in the can at the cannery.

         I can’t claim to be a great hunter, but I have been hunting moose with my dad across the Cook Inlet from Kenai and goat hunting on Montague Island since I was a kid. You haven’t lived until you have climbed and climbed, slept and hiked in the cold rain just to shoot a big billy, watch him fall and slide down a long gully into the Pacific Ocean and float away. Yeah, some great hunter. : )>

        I owned a Cessna 150 with my brother when I was 16 but haven’t taken the opportunity to get my pilots license until now. I’m studying and hope to be able to solo by next year if all goes well. There are fantastic opportunities on the Kenai Peninsula to build a cabin on an airpark and be able to fly out of a private strip right from your front door. Kalifonsky Meadows Airpark has incredible deals on parcels and acreage right now.

       My mom has been a member of the Redoubt Homemakers for over 40 years and has been involved in the Alaskan homesteading culture making incredible quilts, canning Salmon, making jams and jellies, cooking with an Alaskan sourdough recipe from the 1800’s and other very uniquely Alaskan practices.

        With all this exposure to Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula in particular, I know that I can help you find the way to an unforgettable vacation and maybe even a great place to live in the freedom of the last frontier.

So take a few minutes to browse through the site and don’t be afraid to send me any questions or suggestions you may have. And please hit that “like” or “Google +” button! : )>


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