Ciechanski State Rec Site

Ciechanski State Rec Site is slightly easier to get to than it is to say. But I’ll help you do that and give you the information you need so you can plan if this is the site you want to try for your Alaskan King and if so, what you can expect when you get there.

Ciechanski State Rec Site On The Kenai River

Photo By Mark Hinkle

Ciechanski State Rec Site

The Ciechanski (Cheh-can-skee) State Rec Site is off of Kalifornsky Beach Rd. at mile 17.5.
Then it seems like a bit of a drive, but it’s only 2.8 miles back to the river.

  • After you turn onto Ciechanski Rd. you’ll drive a straight road until you come to the stop sign. Turn left here.
  • After a sharp right curve, the road will turn to gravel at about 2.2 miles in.
  • After a couple hundred yards (or less) you’ll turn right after coming face to face with two giant carved eagles at the “Riverquest” sign. That’s property for sale if you’re interested.
  • Stay to the right as the houses are private residences and just follow till you dead end at the river and you’re there!

Believe me, It’s easier than it sounds and here’s a map.

The Good…

  • Welp, since this is not meant to be a spot specifically for bank fishing, there aren’t a lot of amenities available. But, that could work in your favor, because of this there may not be a lot of pole traffic going on and you may have found your secluded spot.
  • The Kenai Riverbend Resort is right up the road with very nice river front cabins and a lodge available for relaxing after your day of record King fishing. I write a bit about it below…
  • Very easy to get to with only a 10-15 minute drive from Kenai or Soldotna.
  • The parking may be limited, but it’s only about 100 feet or so from the river. Easy access for carrying your gear or getting something from your vehicle.
  • There are picnic tables and toilet facilities so you can make a comfortable day of it


The purpose of this site is more for bathroom access for boaters than bank fishing so places for bank fishing are limited

The Bad…

  • Not intended for bank fishing so there is not much space.
  • No fishing from the dock
  • Limited parking
  • Mosquitoes. Lord, the mosquitoes.

Nearby Services


Luxury Cabins And Lodge To Relax Only A mile Away

Kenai Riverbend Resort


The Kenai Riverbend Resort is only about a mile further down the road from the Ciechanski State Rec Site. Located on the banks of the Kenai River with the largest salmon in the world just a few feet from your front door.

Kenai Riverbend Resort Cabins

Kenai Riverbend Resort Cabins

Photo By Mark Hinkle

From boat rental/self-guided fishing to fully guided river and salt water adventures and even fly-out bear viewing, Don and John offer one of the most comfortable, enjoyable and fully loaded trips you could ask for.


Salmon Catcher Lodge

Salmon Catcher Lodge

The Salmon Catcher Lodge has been leading anglers to their record catch for the last eleven years. With several high end fully furnished cabins to choose from, you can’t pick an uncomfortable cabin.

Salmon Catcher Lodge Cabin

Starting in 2014 fishing services will end and all cabins will be available for year round rental if you’re moving to the area.

Map From Kalifornski Beach Rd. To Ciechanski State Rec Site

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