Kenai Salmon Fishing At Cunningham Park

Kenai salmon fishing at Cunningham Park is just one mile down Beaver Loop off of Bridge Access Rd. on one end or 2.8 miles off of the Spur Hwy. on the other. Here's your map.

So not only is it convenient to get to, it’s also very possibly one of the best fishing holes on the Kenai River. Not because of a greater likelihood of catching your prize salmon, that depends on season and skill. But because of the other services available in the area that I write about below.

Cunningham Park

Photo By Mark Hinkle

The Good...

  • Being just a short drive down Beaver Loop and immediately off of the road, Cunningham Park is an easy drive to get to.
  • From there, you’re parking only about 100 feet or so from the water so it’s not a long haul to carry your gear.
  • There is a picnic table and toilet facilities, so you can make a comfortable day of it.
  • There is a nice walkway paralleling the water that makes for some great sightseeing.
  • There are other conveniences and things to do nearby that I’ll cover below.


Amenities At Cunningham Park

Photo By Mark Hinkle

The Bad...

  • During high tide, there are only two rather small places to access the water on either side of the walkway so there is not a lot of room for many fishermen.
  • If you wanted to throw your line in from the walkway above, you may have issues with your line tangling on the bushes below. Maybe that’s where the Tanglwood B&B next door gets its name?
  • While the parking is very convenient, there is not a lot of space for many vehicles. That’s good, so there won’t be many people there, but it will get full quickly, especially in the peak of the season. But with it being such a easy drive, it’s worth it to check.

Netting Fish At Cunningham Park On The Kenai River At High Tide

Netting Kenai River Salmon At Cunningham Park

Photo By Mark Hinkle


Nearby Services


How To Get A Great Night’s Sleep And A Hot Breakfast All Within A Short Walk To Your Kenai Salmon Fishing

Tanglewood B&B

Tanglewood Bed and Breakfast is just a short walk down a trail right next to the park at 2528 Beaverloop Rd.

With 8 rooms available ranging in price from $100 - $150 and a view of the very river that you’ll be catching your record Silver or King in, you won’t find more convenient, comfortable and affordable lodging in the area.



Need A Break While Your Spouse Is Reeling Them In?

Beaver Creek Park

Beaver Creek Park

Photo By Mark Hinkle

Beaver Creek Park is right back on the Kenai Spur Hwy.

If the wife and kids aren’t into fishing quite as much as dad (or the other way round, ladies), they can spend some time horsing around at Beaver Creek Park.

Just 2.8 miles back to the Spur Hwy., take a right towards Soldotna across the creek about 200 yards or so and you’ll see it just on your right.

On the grounds are…

  • A large swing
  • Slide
  • Basketball court
  • Park benches to sit on while watching the kids play
  • Covered picnic tables
  • Toilet facilities

To keep you and the kids entertained for the day.



Fishing And Stock Car Racing! Now That’s A Man’s Perfect Day! (And For A Bunch Of You Ladies)

Twin Cities Raceway Aerial

Photo By Jeff Kipp

Just on the other side of the Spur highway from Beaver Loop Rd. is the Twin Cities Raceway. The first chunk of dirt kicked up by an American muscle car happened in the early 70’s by my dad on this track. Yeah, as you can imagine, that’s quite a story and believe it or not, you can still see some great American racing put on by the Kenai Peninsula Racing Lions.



Your Map To Cunningham Park

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Fishing Cunningham Park

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