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A Kenai River fishing experience is a must on your visit to the Kenai Peninsula, find the best places, the best Alaska fishing packages and the best Kenai River guides here.

We’ll go from the mouth of the Kenai River all the way to Kenai Keys State Rec Site accessible only by boat and throw in some maybe-not-so-secret local favorites in between. If you’ve ever fished the Kenai already, you know that the most publicly accessible hot spots can be literally elbow-to-elbow with anglers. We’ll try to help you avoid that as much as possible.

Top 18 Easiest-To-Get-To Kenai River Fishing Spots

Fishing the Kenai River can take quite a bit of planning and can get pretty costly. If you want a short drive to bring just your lunch and pole to your fishing hole, here is a list of bank fishing spots that are just a few minutes drive from either Kenai or Soldotna and can be fished without a guide…

River Mile 0

Go To Fishing The Mouth Of The Kenai River

Photo By Sam Hess

The Mouth Of The Kenai River

River Mile 5

Go To Kenai River Flats State Rec Site

Photo By Trina Marie Hall

 Kenai River Flats State Rec Site

River Mile 6.5

Go To Cunningham Park

Photo By Mark Hinkle

Cunningham Park

River Mile 15.5

Go To Ciechanski State Rec Site

Photo By Mark Hinkle

Ciechanski State Rec Site

River Mile 17

Pipeline State Rec Site

River Mile 19

Slikok Creek State Rec Site

River Mile 20.5

Centennial Park Campground

River Mile 21

Soldotna Visitor Information Center

River Mile 22

Soldotna Creek Park

River Mile 23

Swiftwater Campground

River Mile 23

Kenai River Center

River Mile 23

Rotary Park

River Mile 25 to 27.3

Moose Range Meadows

River Mile 29.5 to 31

Morgan’s Landing State Rec Site

River Mile 30.5

Funny River State Rec Site

River Mile 36.5

Izaak Walton State Rec Site

River Mile 39.5

Bing’s Landing State Rec Site

River Mile 44.5 to 46

Kenai Keys State Rec Site

How To Read Your Run And Plan Your Trip For The BIG Catch!

Planning your Kenai River Fishing trip for early May will get you here right when the first run hits. The run is much smaller, but the benefits make it worth it.

Trina Marie Hall And Her 55 LB. Kenai River King Salmon

Photo By Trina Marie Hall

For example…

  • The river is low. This makes for fewer places for the fish to hide. They may be fewer in number, but they will be in more concentrated spaces
  • There are fewer anglers to contend with, you won’t see the elbow-to-elbow battles for prime holes.
  • Salmon in concentrated numbers plus fewer fishermen means great potential for a record catch. Les Anderson of Soldotna pulled in the current record King salmon on May 17, 1985. Landed with standard pole and line, this 97lb. 4oz. monster likely weighed over 100 lbs. when it was first pulled out of the Kenai River but Les didn’t get it weighed until many hours later after it had dried out a bunch.


If your Kenai River Fishing trip is planned for mid-June, expect to hit the peak of the second run, but you’ll also hit the peak of the tourist season as well.

Crowded Anglers Fishing The Kenai River

Photo By Trina Marie Hall

The trade-off; You’re sure to hit the big run. You’ll catch your Alaska King Salmon and it’s likely to be a big one as the second run is made up of the much bigger fish, but you’ll have to deal with the masses to get it.

That Private Airstrip With Fishing only 10 Minutes Away Can Be Yours!

What could be better than flying into your private airstrip, taxiing to your own hanger attached to your cabin and jumping into your truck for a 10 minute drive to some of the best salmon fishing the world has to offer on the Kenai River?

This dream is much more achievable than you think. A family friend is a pilot and decided to turn a big piece of his property just on the south side of the Kenai River into one of the largest air parks in Alaska.

With lots ranging from $25,000 to $95,000, there is plenty of opportunity to find the piece that fits into your budget. Check out the details here.


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